Lovely Ladies of Leisure

There are many women today working hard to build careers, and they are not interested in dating until they succeed. While this is important if they want to retain their independence, there are still women out there who do not need to worry about making their own way in the world. Many of them have inherited money, or they have retired after years of building their own wealth from their careers. These women are now ladies of leisure.

Life without a place to go every day is not always fun, and many of these lovely ladies choose to spend their time meeting for drinks or dinner. If they see a man they like, they are confident enough to let him know. This cuts out a lot of useless chatter for those men seeking local casual sex in London.

Finding someone who is not interested in a relationship isn’t always easy, but there are women like that. Learning the places they go is important for men who want to meet them, and I’m glad I’ve found a few of those places.