The wonder of Makar Sankrati

Practically all of the world’s major religions celebrate their high days with festivals. These festivities can vary in size, scope and importance. Some of the most beautiful in both visual and spiritual meaning festivals to be found are rooted in the Hindu faith. In the Hindu faith the word for festival means “to cause to grow, upward”.

One of the most popular Hindu festivals is the festival called both Pongal and Makar Sankrati. This festival marks the occurrence of the transition of the sun into the celestial position of Makar Rasi. Traditionally this festival marks one of the important harvest days for farmers in India and surrounding areas, some younger couples celebrate with sessions of indian phone sex. A visitor to this festival will be greeted by colorful kites and thousands of individuals taking ritual baths in all the significant bodies of water. The attendee can also expect a wide variety of food to be had. Usually the food is hot in nature since this festival usually occurs during the colder months.